Informal Economy Development Forum

Chairperson's Address

“Now, you might be wondering, why should we care about the informal economy? What makes it so significant? The answer lies in its scale and its impact, both locally and globally.”

-David Venter, Chairperson of the Informal Economy Development Forym

Corporate Social Investment​

The “Pad Poverty” campaign is a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) inititative aimed at tackling poverty empowering communities to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Business Development

Our business development is key in strategically planning solutions tailored to help our economy grow and thrive.

Training & Development

We align ourselves with international partners that are ready to execute development programmes aimed at equipping our entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to take their businesses to the next level. 

South Africa Micro Business Awards

SAMBA recognize and celebrate the achievements of micro-sized and informal businesses in South Africa. These awards aim to highlight the contributions and successes of small-scale enterprises in driving economic growth, job creation, and community development.

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Hear from our South Africa Micro Business Awards Contestants

Brace yourself for an uplifting journey! We are thrilled to share the stories of some of our South Africa Micro Business Awards Contestants.

Discover their captivating journey with us, how their businesses make a difference and leave a lasting impact on their communities. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible achievements of our contestants!

September Edition

Informal Economy Development Forum Media House

Dakalo Mahapa she shares her inspiring journey as an entrepreneur

September Edition

The remarkable tale of Denise, a passionate and driven informal trader from Hanover Park, Cape Town

September Edition

Provincial Chairperson of Eastern Cape, Asonele Melapi, fighting against Gender Based Violence

September Edition

First Light Import and Export is an independent organization which was established in 2016

September Edition

We have a proven track record in producing high-quality films that capture and convey your message effectively

September Edition

Khomanzi Caters specialising in Catering, Decor and Entertainment

September Edition

Historic Embassy and Stakeholder Briefing Amplifies the Voice of the Informal Economy Development Forum

September Edition

Bakery & Confectionery Kiosks Project

September Edition

This partnership represents the fusion of two dynamic forces, each bringing its unique strengths and expertise to the table

September Edition

Poverty, in all its forms and faces, continues to cast a long and dark shadow over the lives of far too many individuals and families.

September Edition

Through this campaign, we are excited to announce a special feature – our dedicated team of Business Development Mentors.

September Edition

She Leads Foundation, in partnership with the IEDF invites you to attend the “Add Hope” Mental Health Awareness program.

September Edition

South Africa Micro Business Awards: A Major Investment in Entrepreneurship Development

September Edition

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