Cultivating Dreams: Empowering Agripreneurs for a Sustainable Future

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is thrilled to announce its partnership with Realise a Dream (RAD), an inspiring initiative led by Ladles of Love. Designed to educate and empower agripreneurs and food industry entrepreneurs, RAD is a beacon of hope and innovation, providing the tools necessary for sustainable business growth.

On June 20th, 2024, Ladles of Love hosted an unforgettable Youth Movement event and Luncheon. This vibrant gathering reconnected RAD Enterprise and Development Programme participants from 2021 and 2022, offering them a platform to share their transformative journeys over the past three years. The highlight of the event was the opportunity for these enterprising individuals to pitch for CAPEX funding, aiming to take their businesses to new heights.

The event’s success was underpinned by the generous support of V&A Waterfront Makers Landing, Beluga Restaurant, IEDF, and Boron Facilities Management. Their contributions not only made the event possible but also reinforced the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

Excitingly, the RAD program is set to expand within the next six months. We invite you to stay tuned and witness the unfolding impact of this remarkable initiative. Through our partnership, IEDF is committed to advancing the education, training, and development of these dynamic entrepreneurs.

At IEDF, we firmly believe that collaboration fuels success. By joining forces, we can create a thriving ecosystem where dreams are cultivated and futures are built. Together, we are making a lasting impact on the lives of agripreneurs and food industry innovators.