IEDF partners with Department of Labour to tackle South Africa’s high unemployment rate

Cape Town, 31 May 2024 – In a bold and strategic move to address the soaring unemployment rate in South Africa, the Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Department of Labour. This alliance aims to leverage both entities’ resources and expertise to create sustainable employment opportunities and provide vital job training for thousands of South Africans.

Recognising the urgency of the unemployment crisis, the IEDF has made job creation a central pillar of its mission. Through this partnership, the IEDF and the Department of Labour will host a series of career exhibitions, job fairs, and training events across the country. These initiatives are designed to not only connect job seekers with potential employers but also equip them with the skills necessary to thrive in the modern workforce.

“Our country is at a critical juncture, facing an alarming state of poverty driven by high unemployment,” said Yolanda Van Dyk, Global Director of Human Capital of the IEDF. “This partnership with the Department of Labour is a testament to our commitment to fostering economic growth and stability. By working together, we can create meaningful employment opportunities and provide the support needed for our citizens to succeed.”

The planned events will feature a diverse range of activities, including:

Career Exhibitions: Showcasing various industries and sectors, offering job seekers insights into potential career paths.

Job Fairs: Providing a platform for direct interaction between employers and job seekers, facilitating immediate employment opportunities.

Training Workshops: Conducted by experts from the Department of Labour, these workshops will offer essential skills training and career development resources.

As part of its comprehensive strategy to enhance employment readiness, the IEDF offers several specialised programs:


Matric 2024 Program: Aimed at supporting recent high school graduates in their transition to the workforce, providing guidance, training, and resources to ensure they are well-prepared for employment.

Employment Readiness Program: Focuses on equipping job seekers with essential skills, such as interview techniques, workplace etiquette, and professional communication, to enhance their employability.

Management and Business Administration Program: Provides training in key business administration and management skills, preparing candidates for leadership roles within various industries.

CV Drafting Assistance: Offers professional support in creating effective and polished resumes, tailored to highlight each candidate’s strengths and qualifications.

Jobs Portal: A dedicated platform where job seekers can find and apply for a wide range of employment opportunities, with listings regularly updated to reflect the latest job market trends.

The collaboration between the IEDF and the Department of Labour underscores the importance of a united front in addressing the nation’s unemployment crisis. Both organizations are committed to making a tangible impact by creating a supportive ecosystem where job seekers can find meaningful work and employers can access a pool of well-trained, motivated candidates.


“We cannot stand by as unemployment continues to erode the fabric of our society,” Yolanda Van Dyk added. “The IEDF and the Department of Labour are determined to turn the tide and pave the way for a more prosperous and equitable South Africa.”

For more information about upcoming events and how to participate, please contact us on 087 094 8584 or


About IEDF:

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