IEDF attends policing accountability engagement in King Williams Town

King Williams Town, Eastern Cape 31 May 2024 – The South African Police Services (SAPS) and the Department of Community Safety held a significant Policing Accountability Engagement on May 22, 2024, at the Sweetwater Community Hall in King Williams Town, Buffalo City Municipality. This event was a crucial step towards addressing community concerns regarding crime, substance abuse, and gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF).

The event featured key speakers such as Asonele Melapi, Chairperson of the IEDF Non-Profit National Working Committees, the Station Commander of King Williams Town, and other important stakeholders. Their contributions were instrumental in facilitating an open and honest dialogue with the community.

Special guests included representatives from:

– Buffalo City Municipality

– Nokwanda Patocka GBV Foundation

– Correctional Services

– Correctional Services Patrol Board

– South African Liquor Board

– Department of Social Development

– National Prosecuting Authority

– Community Police Forum

– Spiritual Crime Prevention Committee

– Thuthuzela Center

The presence of these diverse organizations highlighted the event’s collaborative approach to addressing the multifaceted issues facing the community.

The engagement session served as a platform for residents to express their concerns, share their experiences, and work together on finding effective solutions. Discussions focused on enhancing community safety, combating substance abuse, and tackling the pervasive issue of GBVF. The SAPS and the Department of Community Safety demonstrated their commitment to transparency and accountability, seeking to build trust and develop actionable strategies with the community.

This Policing Accountability Engagement underscored the importance of community involvement and inter-departmental cooperation in creating a safer and more secure environment for all. The event showcased the power of collective action and the dedication to addressing the pressing issues affecting the residents of Sweetwater and King Williams Town.

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