Global President of IEDF, David Venter, Casts Vote on Election Day

Cape Town, Western Cape 29 May 2024 — The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is pleased to announce that its Global President, Mr. David Venter, actively participated in the recent elections, casting his vote as a demonstration of his commitment to the democratic process and the future well-being of our nation.

Mr. Venter, alongside other members of the IEDF leadership, emphasized the importance of every citizen’s vote in shaping the future. By casting his vote, he exemplified the role of responsible citizenship and the critical part each individual plays in the democratic process.

In a brief statement following his participation, Mr. Venter remarked, “Voting is a fundamental right and a vital responsibility. As leaders and concerned citizens, we must ensure our voices are heard and contribute to the collective decision-making that drives our country forward.”

The IEDF remains dedicated to promoting economic development and believes that robust democratic participation is essential to achieving sustainable growth and prosperity. The leadership team’s involvement in the election underscores their commitment to fostering a future where every citizen’s input is valued and reflected in the country’s policies and direction.

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About IEDF:

IEDF plays a leading role at being the catalyst for innovation and transformation. We place focus on creating opportunities for Informal Businesses with training & development in leadership roles and create market access for Informal & Corporate businesses alike. We drive transformation to advance business sustainability and resilience, with a focus on building entrepreneurs by assisting the micro and informal business to set up and provide training and education in their areas. We support and work closely with NGO’s & NPO’s to assist in building sustainable communities within our country.