IEDF Expands into Limpopo with Financial Literacy Initiative in Partnership with Nedbank

Mopani District, Limpopo – On 20 May 2024, The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is excited to announce the launch of its Enterprise Development Program in the Limpopo Province, with financial literacy being the first phase, in partnership with Nedbank. This significant initiative, part of IEDF’s broader mission to enhance the informal economy, will commence in Mopani District.

This program focuses on eradicating poverty and empowering local entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive financial literacy training. By equipping informal business owners with essential financial skills, the initiative aims to foster sustainable economic growth and stability within the community. Financial literacy is a cornerstone of economic empowerment, and we believe this program will provide essential skills that will help local businesses flourish.

“Our mission is to empower informal business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive,” said Charles Selepe, IEDF Provincial Chairperson Limpopo. “Through this partnership with Nedbank, we are dedicated to building strong, financially savvy entrepreneurs who can contribute significantly to our local economy.”

The launch in Mopani District marks the first phase of the Enterprise Development Program, targeting the unique needs of informal economy participants. This initiative is designed to create a supportive environment where entrepreneurs can gain valuable financial insights and resources.

This collaboration between IEDF and Nedbank highlights the power of partnerships in driving substantial economic change. As the IEDF Enterprise Development Program begins in Mopani District, it signals a new chapter of opportunity and prosperity for the residents of Limpopo Province.

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