Breaking Barriers: Empowering Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in the Business World

In the spirit of fostering a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape, the IEDF is calling attention to the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs with disabilities and advocating for greater support, inclusion, and accessibility in the business world.

Championing Inclusivity and Innovation

People with disabilities represent a vibrant and often overlooked segment of the entrepreneurial community. Despite societal barriers and limited access to resources, these individuals are making significant contributions to the economy with innovative business ideas and services that emphasize accessibility and inclusivity.

The IEDF aims to address these barriers and create a more supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs with disabilities. We believe that by providing accessible infrastructure, inclusive investment practices, and tailored networking and mentorship opportunities, we can empower these entrepreneurs to thrive.

“Entrepreneurs with disabilities bring unique perspectives and resilience to the business world. When we support them, we not only promote diversity but also drive innovation. It’s crucial that we create an inclusive ecosystem where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.”, says Lubabalo Jack, IEDF Chairperson of Disability National Working Committee.


The IEDF encourages stakeholders in the business community to join the movement towards greater inclusion. By addressing accessibility issues, promoting inclusive investment practices, and advocating for disability rights, we can break down the barriers that have held back talented entrepreneurs with disabilities for far too long.

For more information about the IEDF and its efforts to support entrepreneurs with disabilities, please visit or contact 087 094 8584.