A message from the Global Secretary General

I hope this finds you in great spirits. As we move forward in our mission to support and develop our communities, our economy and our country. I want to focus on something that has always been at the heart of our mission: fostering unity and collaboration. This core principle not only drives our internal culture but also shapes the way we support and nurture the broader community, especially those in the informal economy.

Unity and collaboration are more than just buzzwords for us; they represent the essence of our organisation’s philosophy. When we work together, we unlock the potential for creativity, innovation, and shared success. The IEDF is a tapestry of diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives, and it is this diversity that fuels our growth and adaptability. As we collaborate, we create a sense of belonging and purpose, ensuring that every voice is heard and every contribution valued.

However, our commitment to unity and collaboration extends far beyond our own walls. We recognise the vital role the informal economy plays in our society. It is a vibrant and dynamic sector that provides livelihoods to millions of people and serves as an engine for economic growth. Yet, it often faces significant challenges, from limited access to resources and markets to regulatory hurdles.

Our response has been to build robust support structures and services that empower those in the informal economy to thrive. We have established programs that offer specialised training and mentorship, helping small-scale and micro entrepreneurs and informal workers to develop new skills and expand their horizons. We have also implemented financial support mechanisms, providing income generation opportunities, designed to help those in the informal economy overcome financial barriers and expand their businesses. Through partnerships with local and global organisations, corporate and government, we are extending our reach to ensure that no one is left behind

Our goal is simple: to create a stronger, more inclusive economy where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. By fostering unity and collaboration, we can make a real difference in the lives of those in the informal economy, helping them to grow and thrive.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication. Together, we are building a brighter future for our community.

Yours in service,

Rochelle Pillay

Global Secretary General