Department of Small Business Development Partners with Informal Economy Development Forum to Empower Entrepreneurs in Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality

Bothabelo, Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, April 15, 2024 – The Department of Small Business Development, in collaboration with the Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF), is proud to announce the identification of 91 applicants from the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality in Bothabelo for participation in the Informal Micro Enterprise Development Program. These entrepreneurs will receive essential equipment to bolster their businesses and ignite growth opportunities in the informal sector.

The Informal Micro Enterprise Development Program is a vital initiative aimed at nurturing and supporting small-scale entrepreneurs in marginalized communities. Through this program, participants will not only receive the necessary tools for their businesses but will also benefit from ongoing guidance and support from the IEDF. Various programs and resources will be provided to ensure sustained growth and success for these budding enterprises. 

“This collaboration between the Department of Small Business Development and the Informal Economy Development Forum marks a significant milestone in our efforts to empower entrepreneurs in the informal sector,” said Tshidiso Ben Kaudi, IEDF SA Secretary General of the Informal Economy Development Forum. “By providing tangible support and guidance, we aim to catalyze economic growth and foster entrepreneurship in communities like Bothabelo.”

The Informal Economy Development Forum calls upon stakeholders and community members to recognize the importance of supporting the informal economy. Embracing and empowering informal entrepreneurs not only drives economic development but also fosters resilience and inclusivity within communities.

Additionally, the Informal Economy Development Forum extends an invitation to individuals and organizations to join their ranks. By becoming a member of the IEDF, supporters can actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of informal enterprises across various communities.

For more information on how to get involved or to inquire about the Informal Economy Development Forum  please contact:

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Together, let’s unlock the potential of the informal economy and create pathways to prosperity for all.