The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is pleased to announce its new partnership with Suzan Ntebo and Associates.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to provide compliance assistance to informal businesses that frequently encounter challenges in this area. The partnership aims to offer support to these businesses, enabling them to access funding and establish sustainable, profitable operations that create job opportunities.

The lack of compliance is a significant challenge faced by informal businesses, as they often struggle to comply with regulations and requirements, which impedes their ability to obtain funding and run a profitable business. Therefore, the partnership between the IEDF and Suzan Ntebo and Associates is a crucial step towards addressing this challenge.

Through this strategic partnership, informal businesses will receive the necessary support and guidance to comply with regulations and requirements. Consequently, these businesses will be able to establish sustainable and profitable operations, contributing to the growth of the economy and creating more job opportunities.

The IEDF is excited to work with Suzan Ntebo and Associates to achieve our common objective of promoting the growth of informal businesses through compliance and sustainability. We believe that this partnership will provide informal businesses with the necessary resources to comply with regulations and requirements, enabling them to grow and contribute positively to the economy.

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