Why does the Informal Economy Development Forum deem media as a crucial part of their purpose?

The media is a crucial part of our society, serving multiple purposes, such as educating and informing people, and providing entertainment, and leisure. Over the years, people have developed various approaches to understanding the role of media in society.

The positivist approach suggests that the media should strive to achieve predetermined goals that benefit society. Meanwhile, the critical approach believes that the media can be used as a tool to bring about change and power struggles in society. The production approach emphasizes the media’s potential to provide new perceptions and visions to the masses, which can shape our understanding of reality. The information approach, on the other hand, recognizes the importance of media in providing vital information to society.

Lastly, the post-colonial approach acknowledges the media’s role in challenging the dominant narratives that have been imposed by colonial powers and promoting alternative perspectives. In conclusion, the media’s role in society is critical, and understanding its various approaches can help us appreciate its importance in shaping our perceptions, ideologies, and beliefs.

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