Inaugural Informal Economy Global Summit to Address Key Challenges and Solutions

The countdown has begun for the first-ever Informal Economy Global Summit, slated to take place from June 10th to June 14th, 2024. This landmark event will convene global leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and advocates to tackle pressing issues and chart a course towards a more inclusive and sustainable future for the informal economy.

With a focus on promoting strategies for sustainable development, poverty eradication, and inclusive growth, the summit will feature in-depth discussions and collaborative sessions aimed at generating actionable solutions to address the multifaceted challenges faced by informal workers worldwide.

Key topics to be covered at the summit include:

(a) Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth: Participants will explore innovative approaches to promote sustainable development, eradicate poverty, and foster inclusive growth within the informal economy.

(b) Legislative and Regulatory Framework: Experts will examine the importance of establishing an appropriate legislative and regulatory framework to protect the rights and interests of informal workers and facilitate their integration into the formal economy.

(c) Business Environment and Investment: Discussions will center around the promotion of a conducive business and investment environment to support the growth and resilience of informal enterprises and entrepreneurs.

(d) Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work: The summit will underscore the importance of respecting and promoting fundamental principles and rights at work, including fair wages, safe working conditions, and freedom of association.

(e) Social Dialogue and Representation: Participants will explore strategies to strengthen social dialogue and empower employers and workers to advocate for their rights and interests in the informal economy.

(f) Equality and Elimination of Discrimination: The summit will emphasize the promotion of equality and the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence, including gender-based violence, in the workplace.

(g) Promotion of Entrepreneurship and SMEs: Experts will discuss initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, support micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and foster alternative business models such as cooperatives and social economy units.

(h) Education, Skills Development, and Financial Inclusion: Sessions will focus on expanding access to education, lifelong learning, skills development, and financial services to enhance the capacity and resilience of informal workers.

(i) Access to Markets, Infrastructure, and Technology: Participants will explore strategies to improve access to markets, infrastructure, and technology, unlocking new opportunities for informal enterprises to thrive and innovate.

(j) Social Protection and Occupational Safety: The summit will highlight the importance of establishing social protection floors, ensuring occupational safety and health, and strengthening labour inspections to safeguard the well-being of informal workers.

(k) Income Security and Access to Justice: Discussions will center around designing appropriate minimum wage policies, ensuring effective access to justice, and promoting income security for informal workers.

(l) International Cooperation: Participants will explore mechanisms for international cooperation and collaboration to address the challenges faced by informal workers on a global scale.

As we embark on this historic summit, we call upon stakeholders from all sectors to join us in our mission to build a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for the informal economy.

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About the Informal Economy Global Summit: The Informal Economy Global Summit is a pioneering event dedicated to addressing the challenges and opportunities within the informal economy. Bringing together informal economy leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and advocates from around the world, the summit aims to foster dialogue, collaboration, and action towards building a more inclusive and sustainable future for informal workers and enterprises