IEDF, MEDA, and DSDB Join Forces to Empower Local Communities


In a concerted effort to combat poverty and unemployment, the IEDF (Informal Economy Development Forum) has partnered with MEDA (Middleburg East Development Agency) and DSDB (Department of Small Business Development) to launch an ambitious project aimed at fostering economic growth and sustainability at the grassroots level.


The initiative involves the establishment of 30 new bakeries strategically positioned to supply bread to 30 new spaza shops per Municipality. This collaborative endeavor not only bolsters local economies but also enriches communities by providing essential goods and services.


The IEDF, driven by its unwavering commitment to social change, in partnership with MEDA and DSDB, seeks to empower beneficiaries through comprehensive training, skills development programs, and the provision of necessary equipment to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.


Furthermore, the DSDB’s vision to introduce locally produced products into these spaza shops amplifies opportunities for small-scale retailers, catalysing a ripple effect of economic prosperity throughout the region.


“This marks just the beginning of a transformative journey towards a more inclusive and vibrant economy,” remarked IEDF SA President, Mabutho Khumalo, head of Government Projects for the IEDF. “We invite all stakeholders to join us in our mission to create lasting change, one community at a time.”


Together, let’s amplify the voice of the informal economy and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future.


Join the IEDF in its quest to eradicate poverty and unemployment.

One Informal Economy, One Voice

 Calling all aspiring spaza shop entrepreneurs and bakeries! Seize this incredible opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking initiative. Learn more and join us.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Keziah Zachariah

Head of Media