“One Informal Economy One Voice Campaign-KZN”

On 24th February 2024, Dr. Tamarah Shange, the IEDF District Chairperson of Ethekweni District, spearheaded an empowering event under the banner of the One Informal Economy One Voice Campaign. The purpose was to disseminate crucial information and engage with individuals and businesses regarding the offerings of the IEDF.

The event served as a platform to enlighten youth, women, and communities about the myriad opportunities available to combat poverty and unemployment. Dr. Shange, with her expertise and leadership, passionately communicated the potential avenues for economic advancement and upliftment.

Attendees resonated positively with the insights shared and the prospects unveiled during the event. Their enthusiasm reflected a collective eagerness to collaborate with the IEDF in shaping a more inclusive and prosperous economy for all. With a shared vision and determination, they look forward to actively contributing to the realisation of sustainable economic development within their communities.

The event not only provided valuable information but also fostered a sense of unity and purpose among participants, igniting hope and optimism for a brighter future. As the echoes of the event reverberate, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of collective action and collaboration in fostering socio-economic progress.


For more information email us on keziah@iedf.org.za