IEDF Launches 1 Million Jobs Campaign Drive to Tackle Unemployment Crisis

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) announces the initiation of its groundbreaking 1 Million Jobs Campaign, aimed at addressing the pressing issue of unemployment by empowering individuals within the informal economy. With a focus on training, skills development, and entrepreneurship, the campaign seeks to foster stronger, more successful, and sustainable businesses while creating opportunities for job creation.

In the face of an alarming unemployment rate, the IEDF is committed to leveraging the potential of the informal economy to generate employment opportunities. Through targeted training and skills development initiatives, individuals will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to establish and grow their businesses, thereby contributing to job creation on a significant scale.

The 1 Million Jobs Campaign places a special emphasis on empowering youth and preparing them for the workforce of tomorrow through our work readiness programs. By providing entrepreneurship opportunities and essential skills training, the campaign aims to equip young people with the capabilities and confidence needed to succeed in the labour market.

Furthermore, the campaign recognises the importance of including the informal labor sector in development strategies. By supporting individuals in this sector and facilitating their income growth, the IEDF aims to foster economic resilience and stability within communities.

“The IEDF is dedicated to creating pathways to employment and income generation for individuals across the globe,” stated Yolanda Van Dyk, IEDF Global Director of Employment and Labor . “Through the 1 Million Jobs Campaign, we are committed to driving meaningful change by providing individuals with the resources and opportunities they need to build prosperous futures.”

The 1 Million Jobs Campaign represents a bold and ambitious initiative aimed at eradicating poverty and promoting inclusive economic growth. By creating job opportunities and fostering entrepreneurship, the campaign seeks to empower individuals to improve their livelihoods and contribute to the prosperity of their communities.

For more information about the 1 Million Jobs Campaign and how to get involved, please visit or contact us on 087 094 8584.

About the Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF):

IEDF plays a leading role at being the catalyst for innovation and transformation. We place focus on creating opportunities for Informal Businesses with training & development in leadership roles and create market access for Informal & Corporate businesses alike. We drive transformation to advance business sustainability and resilience, with a focus on building entrepreneurs by assisting the micro and informal business to set up and provide training and education in their areas. We support and work closely with NGO’s & NPO’s to assist in building sustainable communities within our country.

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