How to sell Yourself as an Entrepreneur after being Employed

Embarking on the Entrepreneurial journey after years of being Employed is an exhilarating transition. The shift from a structured work environment to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship comes with its unapologetic challenges.

Research indicates that this “shift” can be extremely daunting for individuals navigating their way into the world of entrepreneurship.

Among a vast range of challenges faced by those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, key hurdles include identifying the right business concept, identifying a target market, designing a compelling business profile, and effectively branding and marketing yourself.

Here are some key tips to sell yourself effectively:

1. Identify Market Needs: Understand your target market’s needs and offer solutions that resonate.

The goal is to sell what people need as something they want.

2. Communication is Key: Over-communicate with clients. Clear, concise, and consistent communication is the engine of your business. Lack of communication is a hindrance to progress.

3. Balance Production and Recovery: Ensure a balance between productive work and rest. Both are crucial for sustained success.

4.Break The Rules (sometimes): Entrepreneurship often involves breaking rules. Learn to question rules strategically, distinguishing between those enhancing you and false constraints.

5. Choose Partners Wisely: Select business partners carefully. Trust and reliance on each other are fundamental for successful ventures. The right partner is essential for navigating the challenges of business and life.

6. Embrace Failure: Failure is part of entrepreneurship. Learn from it and use it as a steppingstone to improvement. Embracing failure is crucial for personal and business growth.

7. Mentors: Find mentors who can guide and provide valuable insights. Be open to learning from those who have walked a similar path.

8. Leadership Skills: Develop leadership skills by building trust, learning from every situation, and acknowledging others’ contributions. Create an environment of appreciation and gratitude to boost morale and motivation.

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Written by :

Yolanda Van Dyk

IEDF Director: Human Capital