Empowering Dreams: The Journey of Khomanzi Group in Black Economic Empowerment and Hospitality


In 2020, Khomanzi Group emerged as a 100% black-owned business from a disadvantaged community, aligning with the government’s vision of black economic empowerment. Founded and officially registered in 2023, this private company specializes in Catering, Decor, and Events Coordination, with a visionary leader inspired by years of experience and knowledge gained at various companies and Elangeni TVET College.


Motivated by a commitment to addressing economic disparities, Khomanzi Group is strategically positioned to contribute to mainstream economic participation for other black communities. With plans to expand its horizons, the company aims to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry, simultaneously combating the high unemployment rates prevalent in the country by creating job opportunities. Building solid working relationships with both public and private sectors is a priority, emphasizing the timely delivery of excellent knowledge work.


A significant aspect of Khomanzi Group’s mission is to develop knowledgeable personnel in key positions, contributing to skills development and job creation. The company is committed to inclusivity, offering opportunities to unemployed young women and men, as well as individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community and those living with disabilities.


The founder’s personal goal revolves around providing high-quality services, fostering a caring and responsible company. The focus is on client satisfaction, aiming to attract more customers and expand the company, subsequently creating additional employment opportunities.


Reflecting on his membership with the Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF), the founder appreciates the challenges and innovation it brings. Notably, the Her Story Pad Poverty Campaign stands out as a commendable initiative, providing affordable pads for young girls. The IEDF has equipped Khomanzi Group with valuable tools to enhance and expand its business, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.




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