United Nations Development Program Conference Explores Insurance Solutions for the Informal Economy

Gauteng, South Africa 06 December 2023 — The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) recently hosted a conference that brought together a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss and provide input on ongoing insurance research. The event was attended by prominent figures, including Chantal Maxim, Business Development Director of the Informal Economy Development Forum, Gauteng Provincial heads, key corporate stakeholders, informal sector associations, and business owners.

The conference served as a platform for collaborative dialogue, with a focus on understanding and addressing the insurance needs of the informal economy. Chantal Maxim, representing the Informal Economy Development Forum, played a crucial role in facilitating discussions between various sectors to ensure comprehensive input for the ongoing research initiatives.

In attendance were representatives from Gauteng Provincial offices, corporate stakeholders invested in community development, as well as associations representing the interests of the informal economy. The diverse participation emphasized the inclusive approach taken by the UNDP in shaping insurance solutions that cater to the unique challenges faced by businesses in the informal economy.

The conference provided an opportunity for business owners and stakeholders to share valuable insights, experiences, and perspectives. The input gathered during the event will contribute to the ongoing research aimed at developing insurance strategies that better serve the needs of the informal sector.

The United Nations Development Program expresses its gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and commitment to advancing solutions that promote sustainable and inclusive economic development.

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Keziah Zachariah

Head of Media