Title: Pioneering Change: iRecruitSA, IEDF, and SASBI Unite to Transform Informal Businesses and Lives


In a transformative alliance, iRecruitSA, IEDF (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Foundation), and SASBI (South Africa School of Business Innovation) have joined forces to reshape the employment landscape in South Africa. This partnership not only focuses on creating opportunities within the informal business sector but also aligns with SASBI’s visionary program, aiming to equip individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the evolving world of entrepreneurship.

The Collective Mission:

IEDF, with its commitment to innovation and transformation, has found common ground with SASBI’s pioneering approach to business education. Together with iRecruitSA, they are on a collective mission to empower informal businesses, bridge employment gaps, and revolutionize the way individuals approach entrepreneurship.

IEDF and iRecruitSA: A Synergistic Approach:

IEDF, a catalyst for innovation, collaborates seamlessly with iRecruitSA, known for connecting the unemployed with diverse employment opportunities. This dynamic duo is now expanding its impact by incorporating SASBI’s comprehensive program into the mix.

SASBI’s Role:

SASBI’s three-year program, designed to nurture entrepreneurship and practical skills, is at the heart of this partnership. As the bridge between education and employment, SASBI ensures that individuals not only gain theoretical knowledge but also receive practical training to thrive in the informal business sector.

Targeting the Informal and Micro Businesses:

A core focus of this collaboration is placing the unemployed within the vibrant yet often overlooked informal and micro-business sector. With SASBI’s program offering a pathway to entrepreneurship, individuals can not only find employment but also develop the skills necessary to start and sustain their ventures.

Building Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Communities:

The trinity of iRecruitSA, IEDF, and SASBI isn’t just creating jobs; it’s actively involved in building a community of entrepreneurs. SASBI’s emphasis on practical training aligns perfectly with the goal of IEDF and iRecruitSA to foster leadership and innovation within the informal business sector.


A Holistic Approach:

Recognizing the importance of holistic community development, the partnership extends support to NGO’s and NPO’s, amplifying the impact on building sustainable communities. The combined efforts of iRecruitSA, IEDF, and SASBI go beyond employment, aiming to create lasting economic and social change.


This strategic partnership is not just a collaboration between organizations; it’s a movement that seeks to redefine the future of work, entrepreneurship, and community development in South Africa. By incorporating SASBI’s transformative program, iRecruitSA and IEDF are adding a vital educational component to their mission, ensuring that individuals not only find jobs but also build lasting, successful businesses within the informal sector. Together, they are driving change, unlocking potential, and paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered future.

Written by:

Timothy Stuurman

iRecruitSA Director: Media & Communication