HERstory – Uniting for a Common Goal: Alleviating Poverty Through Education

In this month’s HERstory newsletter, we embark on a journey that celebrates women who are tirelessly working towards a common goal: alleviating poverty through education. We explore the synergy between the remarkable women participating in the South Africa Micro Business Awards (SAMBA) and their deep understanding of the importance of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) in their businesses.

Understanding HERstory:

HERstory is a platform that amplifies the voices of women who are making a positive impact on their communities and society at large. We tell their stories, highlighting their achievements, struggles, and unwavering determination to create change. This month, we bring you the stories of incredible women who have joined forces through SAMBA, a competition that not only recognizes business excellence but also champions social responsibility.

SAMBA: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs with a Purpose:

The South Africa Micro Business Awards (SAMBA) is more than just a competition; it’s a movement. SAMBA recognizes the efforts of micro-businesses and entrepreneurs, particularly women, who have harnessed their talents and resources to drive economic growth. These women understand that business success can also be a catalyst for positive change in society.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) – A Key Ingredient:

What sets these SAMBA contestants apart is their commitment to Corporate Social Investment (CSI). They recognize that their businesses are not just profit-driven but purpose-driven. They understand that education is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and creating opportunities for underprivileged communities. Their CSI initiatives often revolve around education, aiming to empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome adversity.

HERstory of Empowerment:

Meet Natalie Minter Hurling: The co-founder of “Roots & Raw,” They all about living the Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle. Roots and Raw are driven by their dedication to making healthy living accessible and affordable to all.  www.rootsandraw.co.za

Thakiera Kamaar: Another SAMBA contestant, a fruit and vegetable entrepreneur and  who also runs “Bishop Lavis Informal Traders Association,” a micro-business that sells fruit and vegetables and assist with soup kitchens in her community. Thakiera mission is to bridge the poverty divide and provide the community with the agriculture tools they need to survive in the disadvantage economy crisiswhere survival is deadly on many doorsteps

The Power of Collaboration:

These women share a common goal – to empower the less fortunate through education. They’ve recognized that by giving back to their communities, they’re not only making a positive impact but also enriching the fabric of society. Their stories inspire us all to understand the significance of Corporate Social Investment and how it can transform lives.

As we continue to celebrate the incredible women of SAMBA, we hope their stories will motivate all of us to embrace the power of education in alleviating poverty. HERstory is proud to be a part of this journey, amplifying their voices and sharing their remarkable contributions to society.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and updates from HERstory, as we shine a light on women who are changing the world, one community at a time.

With empowerment and education,