Title: Empowering the Informal Economy: SASBI, iRecruitSA, and IEDF Join Forces for Change


In a collective effort to empower the informal economy, SASBI (South Africa School of Business Innovation), iRecruitSA, and IEDF have embarked on a transformative project campaign. This collaboration underscores the critical importance of making education and skills development accessible to the informal economy, addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals in this sector.

SASBI’s Vision:

SASBI, at the forefront of business education innovation, envisions a future where individuals in the informal economy not only find employment opportunities but also possess the knowledge and skills to thrive as entrepreneurs. With a three-year program designed to bridge the gap between education and employment, SASBI is paving the way for a new era of self-reliance and economic resilience.

The SASBI and iRecruitSA Project Campaign:

The joint initiative between SASBI and iRecruitSA is a strategic move to channel the transformative power of education into the informal economy. By incorporating SASBI’s comprehensive program, the campaign aims to equip individuals with practical skills, entrepreneurial acumen, and a pathway to sustainable livelihoods.

Addressing Unique Challenges:

The informal economy plays a vital role in South Africa’s economic landscape, yet individuals in this sector often face barriers to education and skills development. SASBI and iRecruitSA recognize these challenges and are committed to breaking down these barriers, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to access quality education and training.

IEDF’s Commitment:

IEDF, a key partner in this initiative, brings a wealth of experience in driving innovation and transformation. Their commitment to creating opportunities for the informal economy aligns seamlessly with SASBI’s vision and iRecruitSA’s mission to connect the unemployed with untapped employment opportunities.

Making Education Accessible:

One of the cornerstones of this collaboration is the commitment to making education and skills development accessible to individuals in the informal economy. SASBI’s program, tailored to the unique needs of this sector, provides a structured and practical approach to learning, ensuring that

the knowledge gained is directly applicable to the challenges faced in the informal business environment.

Empowering Entrepreneurs:

Beyond addressing unemployment, the project campaign is about empowering individuals to become entrepreneurs within the informal economy. By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and providing the necessary tools and knowledge, SASBI, iRecruitSA, and IEDF are collectively contributing to the resilience and sustainability of businesses in this vital sector.


The SASBI and iRecruitSA project campaign, in collaboration with IEDF, stands as a beacon of hope for those operating in the informal economy. This partnership is not merely an educational initiative; it is a commitment to unlocking potential, fostering innovation, and creating lasting change in the lives of individuals and communities. As the campaign gains momentum, it is set to redefine the narrative around education and skills development, making it an inclusive and accessible journey for all in the informal economy.

Written by:

Timothy Stuurman

iRecruitSA Director: Media & Communications