The South Africa Micro Business Awards, often abbreviated as SAMBA, draws inspiration from the concept of “The Four Legs of the Table” as articulated by the legendary figure in the retail sector, Raymond Ackerman. This concept serves as the foundation of SAMBA’s mission and values, guiding its commitment to supporting micro-businesses and entrepreneurs.

Raymond Ackerman, a pioneering and influential figure in the South African retail industry, is widely recognized for his contributions to the development and success of the Pick n Pay retail chain. His philosophy, “The Four Legs of the Table,” has become a fundamental principle in the business world. It represents the four essential components that support a thriving business and community. These four legs are:

Customers: Ackerman emphasizes the paramount importance of customers. In the context of SAMBA, it means recognizing the needs and preferences of the customers that micro-businesses serve. The awards aim to highlight businesses that are customer-centric and dedicated to providing value.

Employees: SAMBA recognizes the significance of employees in the success of micro-businesses. Ackerman’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of nurturing a motivated and skilled workforce. The awards encourage businesses to provide fair employment opportunities and create a positive workplace culture.

Suppliers: Ackerman’s concept underscores the need for sustainable and ethical relationships with suppliers. SAMBA acknowledges businesses that engage responsibly with their suppliers, promoting ethical practices and contributing to the broader community.

Community: The fourth leg, “community,” is at the heart of SAMBA’s mission. The awards celebrate businesses that give back to their communities, understand the social responsibilities that come with success, and actively contribute to the welfare and development of their local areas.

These four elements, according to Raymond Ackerman, are the pillars of a strong, ethical, and enduring business. By incorporating these principles into the criteria for the awards, SAMBA not only acknowledges business excellence but also encourages micro-businesses to be responsible and purpose-driven entities, working for the betterment of society.

In essence, the South Africa Micro Business Awards, inspired by the wisdom of Raymond Ackerman, is more than a recognition program; it is a platform that encourages micro-businesses to build solid foundations, strengthen their communities, and thrive while maintaining ethical and sustainable business practices. Ackerman’s legacy continues to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and businesses in South Africa, and SAMBA is proud to be a part of that journey.