Informal Economy Development Forum Announces Global Informal Economy Summit 2024

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is thrilled to announce the inaugural Global Informal Economy Summit, set to take place in June 2024. This groundbreaking event will bring together global association leaders, policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to address and explore opportunities within the informal economy.

The Global Informal Economy Summit 2024, organized by the Informal Economy Development Forum, marks a significant milestone in recognizing the potential and importance of the informal economy on a global scale. With an estimated 2 billion people engaged in informal work around the world, this summit aims to harness the power and creativity of this sector for sustainable and inclusive development.

Event Highlights:

Date: June 2024

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Host: Informal Economy Development Forum

The summit will offer a unique platform for global association leaders to engage in constructive dialogues, share best practices, and collaborate on ways to empower and support the informal workforce. The agenda will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, allowing attendees to gain valuable insights and foster meaningful connections.

In anticipation of the Global Informal Economy Summit, the Informal Economy Development Forum is organizing an International Webinar. This webinar, scheduled to be held in the lead-up to the conference, will focus on the execution and logistical aspects of bringing together global leaders and experts from various sectors. Participants will gain insights into the summit’s themes, objectives, and the roadmap for harnessing the informal economy’s potential.

The Informal Economy Development Forum is committed to promoting dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within the informal economy, ultimately contributing to sustainable development and economic growth.

For more information about the Global Informal Economy Summit 2024 and the International Webinar, please visit our website at We invite all interested parties, including global association leaders, policymakers, and experts, to join us in this significant event.

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About the Informal Economy Development Forum:

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is a global organization dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the informal economy. With a mission to empower individuals engaged in informal work and foster an environment conducive to their economic well-being, IEDF brings together stakeholders from around the world to share knowledge, best practices, and solutions.