Historic Embassy and Stakeholder Briefing Amplifies the Voice of the Informal Economy Development Forum

[Gauteng, South Africa] —28th of September 2023, Boitumelo Monoketsi, the Chairperson of the National Executive Committee of Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF), had the distinct honour of representing the Informal Economy Development Forum at a pivotal meeting attended by a diverse group of stakeholders. This gathering included representatives from various embassies, government officials, and private sector leaders who convened to discuss upcoming developments in South Africa.


Boitumelo Monoketsi, in her capacity as the NEC Chairperson of Gauteng, seized the opportunity to advocate for the inclusion and recognition of small businesses and informal enterprises within the country’s development programs. She expressed sincere appreciation on behalf of the IEDF for the warm welcome extended by the participating organizations, which recognized the vital role played by the informal economy.


During her presentation, Tumi addressed the remarkable partnership that has been formed with Saitex and other similar programs. She highlighted the immense challenges faced by small and informal businesses in accessing opportunities to participate in significant events and initiatives, emphasizing that without the support of programs like Saitex, they might have remained excluded.  Boitumelo Monoketsi, commended the organizations for their efforts to bridge this gap and create opportunities for these businesses.


One of the key highlights of the meeting was the discussion on opportunities for youth and small businesses within various sectors, including mining and construction, not only in South Africa but also across Africa. Boitumelo Monoketsi emphasized the importance of such opportunities for the informal economy and its members, underscoring the willingness of private companies like Big Five to collaborate with labour and facilitate the participation of informal businesses in decision-making processes.


Boitumelo Monoketsi query about the inclusion of township-based labour within the construction industry was met with a positive response, as Big Five and other companies pledged their commitment to working with local labour forces and opening doors for the informal economy to actively contribute to such projects.


In summary, Boitumelo Monoketsi found the meeting to be an incredibly positive and appreciative experience. The IEDF has engaged talks with Macro Enterprises and large corporates, to acknowledge the role of the informal economy in South Africa, is a significant milestone. The discussions also touched upon opportunities in other African countries, inspiring the IEDF to explore expansion into business and community programs that can make a positive impact on economies throughout the continent.


The Informal Economy Development Forum is excited to continue its work in advocating for the inclusion and advancement of informal businesses, contributing to economic growth and development both in South Africa and beyond. We look forward to further collaboration with our partners and stakeholders in the pursuit of a more inclusive and prosperous future.