First Light Import and Export is an independent organization which was established in 2016, as a distributor and supplier of wholesale/retail products.

In 2019 we acquired our Petroleum Wholesale License; we have a few customers that buy diesel for their company generators and trucks. Since its inception, the company has continuously been exploring, expanding its product and service offerings.

In 2022 we were introduced to an opportunity to service the needs of young women and girls through First Light Foundation, A section 18A registered NPC, changing the lives of women and girls through affordable disposable sanitary pads, which has inspired me to create our own brand of disposable pads called Queens, A proudly South African product, that is part of our social initiative to the communities.

Queens sanitary pads included in the hygiene packs are distributed to underprivileged girls, where we drive education and basic health checks with our partner the Sefako Makgatho health sciences university.

Our brand has since grown, we have identified customers, such as other NPO’s, NGO’s, organization’s and the wholesale/Retail market. We continuously strive for sustainability and success, so we have decided to start manufacturing our own products, and extend our range offering, to include different sizes of sanitary pads, panty liners and wet wipes, coming soon.

IMPACT OF BUSINESS We currently have 2 full time employees, and 4 contract employees when needed. In the Foundation 5 active board members including myself and with the company contractors we do the much needed work.

We take care of 60 young girls on a monthly basis which form part of our community churches in the Primrose, Kensington, Bez Valley and Malvern area’s in Johannesburg. We have supported 100 girls in the orange farm area, 150 girls in Limpopo area, 100 packs to little bag of hope initiative in Durban. Driving the #EndPadPoverty campaign through First Light Foundation and through other foundations we partner with. Educating, motivating and empowering women in society. Building communities 1 step at a time.


We are extremely delighted to be part of the IEDF’s PadPoverty campaign. Women and girls who use unhygienic alternatives for sanitary pads or tampons (such as newspapers, leaves, rag cloths, and unhygienic materials) not only face health issues, but also tend to miss work or school more frequently. Indeed, most women in developing countries, particularly in Africa and Sub- Saharan Africa, do not use adequate female hygiene products.

This lack of basic health care products negatively affects their self-esteem and participation in education, employment and ultimately, in society. Collaborating with SAMBA GROWTH CHALLENGE sharing the same vision and goal, allows us to work together in achieving the success of ending pad poverty one step at a time.

We want to grow and work together with Herstory program in reaching the many that are in need of sanitary pads to stay in school and continue their education. Partnering with you will ensure our goal in reaching schools and communities are met.