Informal Economy Development Forum Extends Heartfelt Best Wishes to the Amabokoboko at the World Cup

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is delighted to extend its warmest wishes to the Amabokoboko, the esteemed South African national rugby team, as they embark on their journey at the Rugby World Cup. As passionate supporters of our beloved Springboks, we stand united in spirit and anticipation, hoping for a remarkable journey filled with success and glory.

The IEDF recognizes the profound significance of sports in bringing people together, fostering unity, and boosting national pride. The Springboks represent not only the pinnacle of rugby excellence but also embody the resilience and determination that define South Africa’s spirit.

As our nation’s rugby warriors, the Amabokoboko carry with them the hopes and dreams of millions. We salute their unwavering commitment to the game and their tireless efforts in representing our country on the global stage.

To Coach Jacques Nienaber and every member of the Amabokoboko squad, we say: “Go out there and give it your all, for you have a nation standing firmly behind you.”

Let us rally together as a nation, wearing our green and gold with pride, as we support the Amabokoboko in their quest for glory. Through every scrum, tackle, and try, we will be with you, cheering you on with unwavering enthusiasm.