Meeting Informal Economy Summit Programme attended by the Chair Mrs Deveshnee Mariah and Deputy Chair Patience Mnikati Kzn NEC Informal Economic Development Forum. As part of their new appointment and start creating networks and stakeholder partnerships and engagement we showed representation. It was held on the

Date 22 August 2023

Time 10h30 – 14h00

Venue Durban ICC

It was a 2 day summit. The welcome was done by Mrs Lindiwe Khumalo. In attendance was a total number of (693) stakeholders attended.The following Areas were represented in the Summit.

Inner and Outer West Traders and Officials


*Upper North

*Durban Central



*Retail Markets – Southern Areas

*Retail Markets – Northern Areas

The program opened with Mr. Hlangu and he gave a brief progress report on the resolutions that were taken from the last Traders Indaba Summit that was held in October 2022 where traders were dived into five commissions as indicated below.

A. Commission 1 – Infrastructure Resolutions

B. Commission 2 – Cleaning & Security

C. Commission 3 – Research

D. Commission 4 – Arts & Craft

E. Commission 5 – Funding

Infrastructure Resolutions

Mr. Hlangu provided the following responses on Infrastructure Commission resolutions:

*The project to fix the storage facility in Alice Street and Broad Street should commence in October 2023.

*Fixing of fridges and Cold-rooms to commence in October 2023

*A building in 126 Johannes Nkosi has been identified for the purpose of accommodating arts and craft market, with a capacity to accomodate 500 SMME’s .

However, Business Support Unit is currently awaiting lease agreement to be drawn.

*Regarding a request of ATM’s to business hives Mr Hlangu stated that BSU is still in discussion with different banks to have ATM’s installed, however in areas such as Mansel Road and SEDA (Ewashini) they already have ATM’s available.

*Mr. Hlangu also reported that there is a Crèche in Warwick Avenue, Mansel Road and at Malibongwe, Business Support Unit is engaging with the relevant departments to ensure that other regions are also catered for, he further encouraged traders interested in leading a Crèche program to come forward.

*The project to have more kiosk’s in Ethekwini is up and running as we already have kiosks in Cornubia, Beachfront and Folweni.

*Beachfront traders were provided with transparent shelters and some traders in Nagina were given gazebos to ensure that they are protected during unpleasant weather conditions.

*There is a project that is already up and running which offers traders that are doing special events with foldable tables.

Cleaning & Security

Mr. Hlangu provided the following responses on Cleaning and Security Commission resolutions:

*Operation Good Hope has been implemented in all Region’s to address the issue of illegal traders.

*Amendments were made to assist traders to establish an UIP which will enable them to keep the city clean and that project is underway.


Mr. Hlangu provided the following responses on Research Commission resolutions:

*Together with Environmental health food handlers have been provided with various training programs.

*In some Regions where traders are operating in taxi ranks, Business Support Unit have negotiated with Parks to give one committee member the ablution facility keys for traders to have access to the facility until late.

*Financial Literacy Programs were introduced to upskill traders and currently there is NVC Program which is currently running for 12months and those traders that are enrolled are receiving a stipend and on the completion of the program they will be placed in different sector to gain exposure.

*There is also WRSETA Program which has also been introduced to assist traders in sustaining and growing their businesses.

*To address the issue of insurance and traders not getting loans, Business Support Unitis in negotiations with financial institutions and have been also facilitating the provision of financial literacy programmes in partnership with financial institution such as FNB, Ithala, Nedbank and ABSA.

*Social Development will be handling the issue that was raised for pensioned traders to receive a retirement annuity.

Arts & Craft (Coastal)

Mr. Hlangu provided the following responses on the Arts and Craft Commission resolutions:

*Together with Durban Business Chamber a program has been established to assist traders that are selling arts & craft to export.

*During the Flood Relief Program some SMME’s were given the opportunity to supply goods.

*The search of a flea market is underway/ongoing.

*Trading sites for photographers were published on the recent advert published in July.

*Once there is a skill development program for arts and craft the committee will be notified.


*Traders requested that Business Support Unit to assist traders with funding, however, so far there are several funding schemes that traders have benefited from through Business Support Unit.

*There are ongoing training programs for food handlers with all relevant stakeholders

n NPC was established which will be based at 126 Johannes Nkosi building to assist Informal Traders.


*Mr. Skhumbuzo Mkhize from Ward 32: Requested for waste pickers to be given permits.

*Mr. Khulekani Khumalo from Verulam: Requested for Business Support Unit to engage with Metro Police in addressing the issue of illegal traders and assist by creating permits for them in Ndwedwe Rank and by U save.

*Ms. Barbra Pillay from Fragrance Market: Enquired if their Market was also included in the renovations plan, like the other market.

*Ms. Lotlove Ndlovu from Tongaat Main Street: Requested that the NPC works with wholesalers to assists them with quotations for funding applications.

*Ms. Zandile from the Workshop Traders (CBD) indicated that they don’t have permits, yettheir names were taken years back and they haven’t received their permits till today.

*Rasta Requested that Business Support Unit to assist in engaging with formal businesses to dispose their waste accordingly as it is affecting informal traders, also investigate the hygiene factor in public toilets as well as ensuring that South African citizens are givenpreference when issuing permits.

*Mr. Manzini from Fragrance Market: Geyser is not working, and they have an issue with electricity fault that hits every Saturday.

*Beachfront Requested that funding is distributed to all traders.


*Mr. Sibusiso Mngoma (Senior Manager) from Retail Markets gave a brief response to the queries mentioned above and advised the traders that all new maintenance issues reported and building renovations will be included in the Capital budget in 2025. The electricity fault have already been reported and the electricity department is currently investigating,and they will give feedback once they are done.

*Mr Mngoma also indicated that the reason behind traders not being allocated at workshop is a broad matter that is beyond Business Support Unit and it also involves other bodies which is why sites cannot be allocated until the issue has been resolved. He further outlined application procedure, and pleaded for traders to follow the process

*Mr.Hlangu explained that there is program that is ongoing in all the regions in partnershipwith Inner City to enforce bylaws with formal and informal businesses. With regards to the issues reported in Verulam, a meeting is already scheduled to address them with Royal ABM Support and requested that the committee members also be part of it.

*Mr. Hlangu also mentioned that Business Support is already working with City Architectures to address the issue of shelters in Beachfront.

*Mr. Hlangu further explained that during the issuing of permits process Business Support Unit works with committees, he also stated that South African citizens are always given priority to ensure economic growth and fairness.

*Mr. Hlangu mentioned that Business Support Unit will engage with Ethekwini Transport Authority so that trading sites can be created to allocate sites at Ndwedwe taxi rank in Verulam.

The day closed with a keynote address by Cllr Phili Ndlovu thanked all present bodies and the contribution that the informal traders are making in our economy and pleaded with the traders to continue working with business support so that we can continue to grow the informal market together and encouraged traders to sub-let their permits / trading stalls.

Day 2 started with the Opening And Welcome by Mr Ntuli from Community Participation welcomed all stakeholders present

In Attendance was a total number of (725) stakeholder attended the meeting The following Areas were represented in the Summit.

Inner and Outer West Traders and Officials


*Upper North

*Durban Central



Retail Markets – Southern Areas

Retail Markets – Northern Areas


Ntuli gave apologies that the ECOD Committee had no representation.


Stakeholder were divided into five break away discussions of different commissions. Commissions were led by BSU Area Managers to guide in terms of bylaws.


Commission 1: Infrastructure led by Vumi Mchunu

The commission presented the following resolutions for Infrastructure:

*There’s a challenge of operating hours of ablution facilities in most regions as well as the shortage of ablutions in all regions.

*Shortage of storage facilities in all regions.

*None sheltered traders requesting shelters.

*Chatsworth Market requesting that their drains are fixed as they are currently blocked and for their Containers to be renovated.

*Request for renovation of trading sites that were damaged due to floods in Newlands.

*Ezimbuzini requesting for Business Support Unit to intervene as there is a salon operating in a container next to them that is not disposing their waste correctly, of which is affecting other traders.

*Mansel traders are requesting for the provision of showers because they work till late.

*Request to fast track the handover of building 126.

Commission 2: Cleaning & Security led by Nomonde Mlolongo

The commission presented the following resolutions for Cleaning & Security:

*Traders requested for ECOD to assist them with funding and support to establish their own cleaning and security organization.

Commission 3: Research lead by Zinhle Nkwanyana

The commission presented the following resolutions for Research:

*Establishment of a database that will be a marketing tool accessible to both traders and customer’s that will group traders according to their trading sites and trading activities.

*Soft Skills development in using Technology machines like computers and ikhokha machines especially for the older generation.

*The establishment of an organization that will be able to liaise with wholesaler to assist with issuing of quotations to traders during funds application processes

Request for each region to have a person that can assist traders with any funding related enquires and support.

Commission 4: Arts & Craft Led by Sibusisio Masuku

The commission presented the following resolutions for Arts and Craft:

*Skills development in sewing school uniforms and izinkehli.

*Assistance in finding local bead suppliers.

*Exposure in exporting arts and craft in other countries.

*Requested Business Support Unit to facilitate a process of enabling traders to show case their arts and craft products in shopping malls.

*Establishment of a marketing strategy to Marketing English Market.

*Creation of customers parking bays in English Market

*Increase trading days at eSibayeni since they only sell on Fridays only.

*Provision of shelters at ezimbuzini emithini because their stock gets damaged by rain when it’s raining.

*At Mansel they are requesting for streetlights to be fixed because currently they are not


Commission 5 – Funding led by Ayanda Chiliza

The commission presented the following resolutions for funding:

*Request for Business Support Unit to intervene in finding a financial institution that will

provide insurance to traders.

*The establishment of a wholesaler that will provide quotations during funding application process.

*Request to have a representative from Business Support Unit to assist traders in obtaining quotations during funding’s that will also be responsible for negotiating with suppliers.

*Request for the representation of the informal economy in meetings such as the BRICS Meeting’s.


Mr Mavula requested that the chairperson of the ECOD committee be present during the Regional EMIEF meetings to ensure that challenges raised in these meetings are reported to relevant bodies also to build unit amongst traders and the municipality.

Mr. Mavula also pleaded with ECOD Committee to assist in supporting traders with funding and information regarding to have a wholesaler that will be the main distributor to informal traders. He further emphasized the role this will have in growing South African market instead of traders buying their stock individually from foreign nationals.

Mr Mavula also requested that ECOD Committee together with Business Support Unit need to assist traders in establishing their own financial institution since they generate a lot of money in the economy.

Address by Business Support Unit Head Mr Nzama

Mr Nzama thanked all bodies / stakeholders present and explained the purpose of the meeting and assured traders that everything that was raised in all the commissions will be addressed and promises that Business Support Unit will indeed report back on all the progress and steps they have taken to resolve the issues and challenges that traders reported in the summit.

Mr Nzama than introduced the Chairperson of ECOD Mr. Goodman Thembo Ntuli.

Address by Chairperson of ECOD Cllr Thembo Ntuli

Mr Ntuli greeted and thanked all the important bodies present, council and the traders, and apologized for being late for the meeting which was due to the ECOD having a lot of commitments for the day.

He pleaded with all the informal traders to take initiative and responsibility of their businesses and assured them that by doing so this will ensure economic growth and business sustainability and will also create unity amongst traders.

Cllr Ntuli also shared the importance of the summit and asked that traders show full attendance and participation in such meetings as this will help in creating unity, and he assured all traders that in the next Summit ECOD will be punctual in attendance.

Cllr Ntuli advised that Cllr Busi is always present for the EMIEF Meetings as a representative from

ECOD, however he committed himself into attending the EMIEF where there is need. He further explained that ECOD will also assist in resolving the challenges that were presented by the 5 commissions.

Mr Ntuli thanked Business Support Unit for all the progress they have made into fixing the challenges that were raised in the 2022 Summit.

Mr Ntuli also requested BSU officials to prioritize the following:

*Resolve the issue of hot water that was reported in Bangladesh Market.

*Mansel faulty electricity lights that are not working

*ECOD also committed themselves in assisting with the skills development of traders in sewing school uniforms and advised that in Pinetown this program has already started and will be implemented as well at the new building in Johannes Nkosi.

*He also requested that Mr. Nzama and the ECOD Committee needs to work together in introducing financial literacy to traders and introduce the insurance program to them.

Thembo Ntuli Promised to handle the following

*ECOD promised that by December 2023, building 126 in Johannes Nkosi will be ready.

*He promised to assist in ensuring that the South African economy is generated locally and not to foreign nationals.

*He mentioned that in terms of cleaning, the council already has a program called PEP to ensure cleanliness in the city and encouraged traders to write a letter request the service of PEP. He recommended a consideration of an additional 50 applicants to the PEP program.

*ECOD will also assist in engaging with the Parks department to ensure that ablution facilities operating times are made flexible to align with their trading times.

*There is an SMME help desk at SEDA that traders can consult for enquiries he further requested Business Support Unit to have help desk for funding enquiries and support especially for application forms completion.

*He encouraged that as an informal economy traders need to look into establishing a bulk wholesaler, where traders will all purchase from, as this will ensure that the economy is generated internally within the black market rather than externally.

*He also encouraged traders to use this opportunity to network with one another so that they share ideas and form alliances and networking groups.

*He also urged traders to be more vigilant and not to fall victims of fraudsters or money making schemers that take their hard-earned money.

The day closed with Cllr Thembo advising traders to stand firm and take pride in what they do and to rest assured that they are protected by the Council.

Lunch was served, teas, coffee and snacks. The city even arranged buses to get the informal traders to attend. This was a good gesture on their part. We also had the opportunity to make follow up meetings with Mrs Vumi Mchunu on a partnership and collaboration. Awaiting for her Senior Manger to return from leave to secure. And also involve EDTEA and all other departments and City presentative. Advised of new appointment and SAMBA advert for the Grow Challenge was shared with her and the other managers for her to share with her database.