Informal Economy Representatives Attend BRICS Summit Dialogues, Raise Concerns Over Exclusion from Dialogues

Informal Economy Development Forum ( representatives, including Informal Economy SA President Rosheda Muller and Gauteng Provincial Chairman Boitumelo Monoketsi, participated in the recently concluded BRICS Summit Dialogue held in Gauteng South Africa. The dialogues brought together leaders and stakeholders from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to discuss various global and regional issues. While the event provided a platform for discussions on diverse topics, representatives from the informal economy sector expressed their disappointment at the lack of dialogue on their sector’s concerns.

The informal economy, a vital component of many BRICS countries, plays a significant role in providing livelihoods for a substantial portion of the population. It includes activities such as street vending, home-based work, and unregistered small businesses. Despite its importance, informal economy-related matters were noticeably absent from the official dialogues and agenda of the BRICS Summit.

President Rosheda Muller of Informal Economy Development Forum SA emphasized, “The informal economy is a driving force of economic activity, providing employment and income to millions of people. Excluding discussions on its challenges and opportunities from the BRICS Summit overlooks a critical aspect of our countries’ socio-economic landscape.”

Gauteng Provincial Chairman Boitumelo Monoketsi added, “Our presence at the BRICS Summit was an opportunity to highlight the informal economy’s potential for growth and development. However, the absence of dedicated discussions hindered our ability to address pressing issues and explore collaborative strategies.”

Informal Economy Development Forum representatives expressed their commitment to engaging with BRICS leaders and stakeholders in the future to ensure that the informal economy’s concerns are adequately represented and addressed. They highlighted the need for policy frameworks that recognize the contributions of the informal economy and create an enabling environment for its growth.

While the BRICS Summit Dialogues covered a wide range of topics, including trade, investment, technology, and sustainable development, the voices of those engaged in informal economic activities were notably absent from these discussions. Informal Economy Development Forum aims to foster greater inclusivity in future summits, ensuring that the informal economy’s role in shaping the economic landscape is acknowledged and integrated into the dialogue.

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