Informal Economy Development Forum to Participate in BRICS Summit 2023

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) is delighted to announce its participation in the BRICS Summit 2023, set to take place in Gauteng, South Africa. The BRICS Summit, a significant international event, will bring together leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to discuss crucial economic and political issues, foster cooperation, and strengthen partnerships among member nations.

IEDF’s presence at the BRICS Summit 2023 underscores the growing recognition of the vital role played by the informal economy in the development and prosperity of BRICS countries. The forum aims to promote inclusivity and empower individuals involved in the informal sector by advocating for their rights, enhancing their access to resources, and supporting sustainable economic growth.

As a prominent advocate for the informal economy, IEDF seeks to contribute valuable insights and expertise during the Summit’s discussions on promoting entrepreneurship, generating employment opportunities, and addressing challenges faced by the informal workforce. By engaging with representatives from BRICS nations, IEDF aims to foster collaboration, exchange best practices, and formulate innovative solutions to bolster the informal economy’s contributions to national and regional development.

The BRICS Summit 2023 provides an ideal platform for IEDF to showcase successful initiatives, research, and initiatives that have positively impacted informal workers, micro-entrepreneurs, and small businesses within BRICS nations. The forum believes that by recognizing the informal economy’s significance and potential, member countries can harness its strength to achieve sustainable, inclusive, and equitable growth.

IEDF’s participation is an exciting opportunity to highlight the importance of supporting and formalizing the informal economy, which often operates outside traditional regulatory frameworks. The forum envisions a future where the informal sector can thrive, contributing to economic resilience and social progress, while also being protected and recognized by relevant legal and policy mechanisms.

For media inquiries and interview requests with IEDF representatives during the BRICS Summit 2023, please contact:

Keziah Zachariah

Media Manager