Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) Accelerates Informal Economy Development at SAITEX Trade Show

Informal Economy Development Forum, a leader in the Informal Economy, successfully concluded its participation at SAITEX, the renowned International Trade Exhibition, held from 18 – 20 June 2023. As an active participant in the Informal Economy, IEDF showcased its commitment to driving inclusive growth and empowering entrepreneurs operating in the informal economy.

SAITEX serves as a vital platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and business opportunities Globally. The Informal Economy Development Forum, a key component of the trade show, brought together policy makers, industry leaders, and experts to explore strategies and solutions for uplifting the informal economy and enabling sustainable livelihoods.

Throughout the event, IEDF showcased its comprehensive suite of solutions specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by informal sector workers. By leveraging digital platforms, financial inclusion initiatives, and tailored business support services, IEDF empowers entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, access new markets, and enhance their productivity.

“Our participation at SAITEX exemplifies our unwavering commitment to fostering economic empowerment and inclusive growth,” said David Venter Chairman of the IEDF. “We firmly believe in the transformative power of the informal economy, and our solutions aim to provide the necessary tools and resources for entrepreneurs to thrive in this dynamic sector.”

During the trade show, IEDF engaged in productive discussions with policy makers, industry stakeholders, and entrepreneurs, sharing insights and best practices for unlocking the potential of the informal economy. The company’s representatives also conducted interactive sessions and demonstrations, showcasing real-world success stories that demonstrated the impact of IEDF’s solutions on businesses and communities.

In addition, IEDF actively sought partnerships and collaborations with organizations that share the vision of empowering entrepreneurs in the informal sector. By joining forces, IEDF aims to create a powerful ecosystem of support, enabling sustainable growth and long-term success for informal businesses. “Our participation at SAITEX represents our unwavering commitment to helping brands unlock their true global potential,” said Chantal Maxim Business Development Director. “We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with taking a brand to the international stage, and our team was dedicated to providing the strategic guidance and support necessary for brands to succeed in diverse markets.”

Through the IEDF Grow Campaign  – providing businesses with the necessary resources and support to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable growth. As part of the “Grow” campaign, IEDF selected 10 businesses who successfully achieved through the campaign to have their brand showcased at the Tradeshow. 

As a testament to IEDF’s commitment to driving positive change, the organization’s participation at SAITEX received accolades from industry peers and attendees alike. The event provided a valuable platform to not only showcase IEDF’s solutions but also to strengthen relationships with existing partners and establish new connections globally.

IEDF looks forward to building upon the momentum gained at SAITEX. The organization remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that empower informal sectors, drive economic growth, and foster inclusive development. Through continued collaboration and partnership, IEDF aims to shape a future where entrepreneurs in the informal economy can thrive and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

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Bernita Augus

Marketing and Media Manager

Informal Economy Development Forum