Press release partnership The South African Business Council and IEDF

We would like to place on sincere record our thanks to the IEDF for their acceptance of our partnership.

As a council we have 6 portfolios SMMEs, Cooperates, Commercial, Youth in Business and Career. Women in Business and NGOs.  Our aim in each portfolio to build sustainable impactful programs. We aim to craft synergies with our Corporates and Commercial clients to drive Supplier Chain management to our SMMEs as well as Enterprise Development Programs. For our NGOs we plan on assisting them with Capacity building and opportunity to Corporate Social Investment Funding.

SMMEs we plan on rolling out capacity building, mentorship, access to funding, access to markets, incubator programs with toolkits to assist them in their journey of Entrepreneurship.

Corporates and commercial clients marketing, employee wellbeing programs client retention, business retention, business analyst, access to funding, access to trade and investment and also business and personal development mentoring.

Npos we want to assist with capacity building workshops aimed at covering key operational challenges like compliances regulation, reporting, record keeping, find raising, donor management and relationships, financials management, conflict resolution and volunteerism.

Youth and women in business and career we aim to capacitated have a portal with access to information career opportunity, skills development, learnerships and internship programs. Here we also want to create access to employment and skills development for youth with barriers to learning.

We have a full bouquet of services aimed at a range of communities.

Our ultimate objective is to partner with established organizations that have already been on the ground have tried and tested programs that work efficiently. As we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We would rather provide support wherever we can. And create symbiotic relations. As our motto is “We are better together”. Also doing amazing work.

And I’m also liking the proverb if you to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together. We are looking forward to working with such passionate, driven, focused individuals. Upon meeting the team, we were super excited to know that there are people who share our passion for growing the economy. Working at grassroot. having real time data, having a strategic plan and most importantly being empathetic. Look forward to a long and fruitful business partnership. We honored and blessed to be part of IEDF. We also want to give them thanks for all they do for the Informal Sector. Allowing us to be a part of this journey with them

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