Dlivr Biz is a Non-Profit Company doing community services, services that government offer for free but with Dlivr Biz we are with you all the way. Doing consultancy. Live chat. Helping you to get fully complaint. Offering monthly services and sharing knowledge and giving the support that Business owners don’t often get. We are a one stop Business Administration Company also providing trainings in order to remain sustainable we need to ask a small fee to stay in Business. Dlivr Biz is a HelpDesk on the ground.

One of the most challenging things about an NPC is capacity building. These development challenges include funding. Most NPCs rely solely on external funding. 

Another challenge is to retain staff. There are very few people that are willing to work for a minimal to no remuneration for the work they do. This also makes it difficult to find loyal workers that will dedicate their time and effort to the NPC for a very long time.

Like in any scenario, every business structure has its challenges. You should make it your goal to get answers and solutions to these challenges. When using a bit of creativity, it is even possible to turn these challenges into opportunities. Never lose focus because of the things that can go wrong. Rather focus on all the reasons why it will work out.

When you have a certain goal in mind for a NPC, go after it. When you have the entrepreneurial drive in you, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals.

Business that are complaint but struggling to get funding IEDF can help with that process and can continue professional development for your business. IEDF stands for informal economy development forum. I’m a proud member of the IEDF. Please join us and visit our website www.iedf.org.za

Email: claudine@iedf.org.za

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