Niezamodien Trading and Projects

Hi I’m Tasleema Owies from Niezamodien Trading and Projects. We running a secondhand goods/they call it a bucket shop but in our term a scrapyard.

Our business started a few years ago. My husband just started to cleanup our yard with all unwanted and damage items. Without even had a blink on his mind that it would be half bakkie load of scrap.

Reason for that was because we bought a house and wasn’t easy to manage budgeting the payment of the bond. He had a little idea on how SA metal works so he sorted the items. Got the bakkie and went to SA.

By returning the look on his face said it all. We started fr unwanted appliances,offcut steel and any items related to scrap within our families and close neighbours by offer them with some money. Most of them at that stage decided to give it fr free bcse it gave them the opportunity to clean their yards. My husband started them with 2 guys helping him.

The word was spreading like a fire so fast. He bought a secondhand scale and from there our journey started almost 15 yrs later. At this point and time I’m so honoured to be part of the IEDF.

I was one of the ladies that was introduced at a ladies program to our President Aunty Roseda and Finance lady Farieda. Before the IEDF there was no more drive in me. Bt thank you so so much to the entire team fr believing in us and bringing the adrinilen for striving towards a goal and make me feel the sky is the limit again.

I don’t like to mention names reason for to scared I miss someone. So to the Entire team onboard yre amazing. Keep doing what you do .

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