Informal Economy Development Forum Entrepreneurship Readiness Program initiative

In a bid to fight poverty and reduce unemployment, the Informal Economy Development Forum recently launched an initiative called Entrepreneurship Readiness Program, to assist 10’000 people aspiring to venture into business.

Launched as the IEDF College, the initiative would provide free world-class courses through a virtual platform, targeting 10 000 (ten thousand) youth and aspiring entrepreneurs across South Africa over the next 3 years.

The programme aims to provide quality courses on how to start a business, find clients, grow one’s business or venture into a new business stream. With just a smartphone and an internet connection, you may register and study at no cost, from the convenience of your home. The overall objective of this initiative is to empower individuals to take advantage of opportunities presented by the digital economy, for them to explore being self-employed. This innovative program’s primary aim is reducing the high unemployment rate, through Entrepreneurship.

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