Farieda Patel and this is my amazing Journey as an IEDF member:

Home Based Salon My journey started on 13 October 2022 when IEDF in partnership with African Cosmetics successfully launched its home-based hair salon transformation.

We have undergone a 6-month development and capacitation programme which included infrastructure and operation funding. I am at the final stage of funding at the moment of which IEDF is facing some challenges with Business Development due to backlog. Extreme hairsalon had 4 stylists employed.

Due to Covid19 and our loadshedding crisis we are facing at the moment, Extreme hairsalon Ruyterwacht could not afford stylist financially. As the owner of the salon together with 1 stylist I am currently surviving. The funding will definitely assist my salon in creating sustainable Jobs and also creating a more professional appearance with the new furniture.

The funding will also allow me to have enough stock on hand. IEDF in partnership with African cosmetics has open new doors. I am confident and committed that together we will grow. I am excited!!!!!

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