From the desk of Rosheda Müller, President of IEDF.

Autumn greetings fellow I.E.D.F. staffers, colleagues, and members. Off the bat, I’d like to acknowledge the office staff. Guys, your enthusiasm and devotion to duty surpasses expectations and while we may not always say “job well done”, know that your efforts at holding high the IEDF banner does not go unnoticed.

Being in the informal economy as long as I have, allows you to get a sense of the immeasurable contribution we make to the overall South African socio-economic sphere. And I don’t just mean in terms of job creation and poverty alleviation. This is the space where entrepreneurs unveil their innovative skills, the space and place where ideas are born, nurtured, and put into practice. Indeed, as president, I am both honored and proud to lead this incredible business sector.

We all attempt to be successful in whatever business sphere we have invested in. It could be manufacturing, retail, service, or any other related or unrelated industries. Regrettably not all achieve success or any meaningful form of sustainability. Often the reasons are hidden in plain sight. I have operated my micro clothing business with a fair degree of success for 30 years, and if I were to impart any advice to start-ups and struggling micro businesspersons, it would be this: Select a business in which you would feel comfortable, not overwhelmed. Adopt a business plan. Plow profits back into your business. Avoid unnecessary loans. Innovate. Attend skills workshops. Seek out partnerships. Remain in control.

Unity of purpose and unity in action are the drivers of this informal economy, and the IEDF employs both. That is what sets us apart from the rest. In a relatively short space of time we have positioned ourselves as a pivotal player on the economic chessboard. Our programs, initiatives, and ideas are pioneered by highly qualified and dedicated professionals, underpinned by innovation and an incredible sense of duty. With such combinations, the sky is indeed the limit. Remain focused. Remain united. Remain true!


Rosheda Müller

IEDF President