Dstress with Me

DwM is my passion project that was born in 2009 after I completed my studies in the art of Shiatsu. I have facilities for walk in clients, as well as offer a call out service where I treat people in the comfort of their own home.

As well as Markets, Most Sunday I trade from Muizenberg Flea Market

While the range of ailments treatable by Shiatsu is vast and varied, most recently I’ve seen its effectiveness in the treatment of Frozen Shoulders, neck pain, Migraines, Sciatica and general pain and discomfort caused by day-to-day stress.

In fact, one of my clients who suffers from chronic fibromyalgia and is in constant pain has also reported a marked improvement in both movement and pain management which, as we know, results in overall wellness.

At Dstress with me we offer Reflexology , Dry & Wet Cupping.

I am also a certified life Coach

I’ve launched the DwM Massage Oil which is black seed based and is a wonder product that can be used by anyone in the family – from the effective treatment of arthritis or muscular pain to insect bites in children and is also known to ease colic in infants. Honestly, it’s a product worth having in your first aid kit.

As a Member of IEDF I see the benefits of being a member. The organization has played a crucial role in my growth and development by providing me with the resources and expertise needed to train me. With a skill full team who has a passion to empower small business this world of female entrepreneurship doesn’t feel so alone anymore. The commitment and training of the IEDF Team and this programme will continuously improve my performance over time.

Shaheema Isaacs, founder and owner of DStress with Me and IEDF Member (The feeling of natural healing).

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