Igugu Wines

I am originally from the Eastern Cape, Willowvalle. We moved to Cape Town in 1994 when my dad was hospitalized for mental illness, our mom struggled to make ends meet so the Mfuleni clinic took us in for free meals with the help of local social workers of Mfuleni.

The difference phases of my life and the challenges I have faced growing up motivated me to come forward and tell my life story, every challenge came with a blessing wrapped with pain, hurt and tears.

I choose to see positivity in every situation, and this has been my copying mechanism throughout till today.

I am a Marine Pilot Trainee in the Port of Cape Town. I started a wine brand to tell my life story aspiring to inspire, empower and access the doors that seem to be locked for Africans especially females.

I joined IEDF last year and ever since then I have gained some valuable information, training and people to run to when the going gets tough. I look forward to enrolling for the wine courses that will help me better my business through IEDF.

I have learned to manage my money and position my brand through their workshops and meetings. I will admit that the entrepreneurship journey is a tough one and as a small business having IEDF by my side comes in handy.

Nomava Vera Sipendu

Owner Igugu Wines

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