The IEDF launches free education to the Informal Economy.

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) launches it’s free education program for Informal Economy workers across South Africa.

IEDF has secured a collaboration with industry leading online college; eLearnSA to deliver face to face, blended and online courses over the next 12 months, to the value of R10 million, to the organisation’s national member base.

eLearnSA has multi-year experience in providing and hosting online courses and is perfectly positioned to deliver these courses anywhere in South Africa, and the globe.

For years the informal economy has been treated as third class citizens, with training and skills development opportunities being kept at arm’s length.  The IEDF is now making sure we are bridging the divide in this regard.

Access to quality education increases opportunities for employment. As a unified informal economy, we hold the key to solving the problem of a lack of delivery of quality education and skills programs, to all South African citizens.


The following courses and programs have been made available to the Informal Economy workers:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Management & Business Administration
  • Career Growth Program
  • Entrepreneurship Readiness Program

These programs have been designed to not only increase skills set but to also enhance opportunities for career growth and to grow businesses.

Testimonials of our existing students and their experience learning with us:

“I am a person who love studying and the fact that these courses were readily available was just up my ally. I did all 5 Free courses that were offered.”

“Since doing the time management course, I have managed to be more organised, resulting in less rework and mistakes”.

“I love the Customer Service course. Will recommend this to everyone. Great, especially for the retail environment”

“I find the courses to be very good & it is a great help for my business as well. I’ve learnt such a lot & is thankful for everything u guys doing for us. More knowledge, which is power & understanding more of certain things which I had no clue of”.

“Now this is what we call education! It’s exciting and its interesting and its fun!”


Want to know more about the Informal Economy Development Forum?

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