Driving Development, trade and Inclusive Growth through the partnership of IEDF and DMG Events

The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) who is the national representative body for the informal economy in South Africa, representing over 2 million informal businesses and 3 million informal workers, is excited to announce that we have partnered with DMG Events, a leading global exhibitions and publishing company with its headquarters located in Dubai, UAE since 1989. With a vast portfolio of over 80 exhibitions annually, they attract more than 425,000 visitors, making them one of the leading players in the industry in Africa. 

Their team of experts focuses on nurturing professional communities from diverse industries such as Construction, Energy, Mining, Transportation, Hospitality, Interiors, Retail and Food & Beverage. Their world class exhibitions serve as focal points, complemented by strategic conferences, certified workshops, technical seminars, and industry publications.

DMG Events ultimate goal is to accelerate business through face-to-face events. They bring people together, creating opportunities for them to network, do business, overcome challenges, and discover emerging opportunities.

Through the partnership, the Informal Economy Development Forum will be exhibiting at SAITEX which is the original multi-sector tradeshow allowing local and international importers and exporters to test, explore and take advantage of inbound and outbound trade opportunities within the Africa Region. The event facilitates tangible international and local trade relationships, whilst providing a platform for the private sector to demonstrate the innovations, solutions, and services they have to offer Africa.

Almost half of South Africa’s urban population resides in townships and informal settlements, with this segment of the population representing a market worth hundreds of billions of rands. Due to the economic conditions of this sector, most of their spending on food and household products is done using cash from local independent stores, street traders, and spaza shops. The township economy represents a significant opportunity for both manufacturers and importers of food and FMCG goods. 

DMG Events, Africa’s Big 7 and SAITEX along with key stakeholders have developed an initiative to drive development, trade, and inclusive growth in South Africa’s townships and informal economy by providing buyers and sellers with opportunities to access the township economy through their content, features, speakers and exhibiting opportunities.

This partnership supports the IEDF’s mission of attracting local and international procurement and related business growth opportunities to the South African informal economy.

“Formalization of the informal economy cannot be accomplished merely by the enforcement of compliance, it must be supported by sustainable procurement opportunities from Government and the Private sector. Doing this, will ensure the achievement of set goals by the informal economy, government and the private sector alike. We believe this partnership will create immense procurement opportunities for all parties involved, convert many South African informal businesses to formal, reduce unemployment amongst our youth and increase business opportunities for woman and people living with disabilities.” Says David Venter IEDF Chairperson.

For more information about this historic project, please contact Bernita Augus National Marketing and Media Manager. bernita@iedf.org.za