IEDF Ambassador Western Cape and Member of SASCO, Avuya Meleni
IEDF Ambassador Western Cape and National spoke person of SASCO, Mangaliso Nompula

The South African population is a very diverse society that reflects many aspects of a democratic nation that upholds the principle of nation building.

This calls upon stakeholders that are able to analyse the above mentioned in the interest of filling the gap in so far as societal interventions that seek to consistently and decisively uplift the living conditions that our communities currently are facing. These interventions should have a direct link with nation building, which will never be achieved without a direct investment in youth development, entrepreneurial skills and enhancing youth economic independence. To achieve the latter, a concise effort in investing in local economic development that has young people at the centre of our country’s growth.

To actively supplement the above mentioned, we will be having a network session at the University of Western Cape. The aim of a program of this nature is to create a platform for aspirant and already existing entreprenuers, either in receiving firsthand information on initiating or sustaining a business idea and methods of sourcing operational funding. This program will be targeting students, young workers and potential local entrepreneurs that will actively play a meaningful role in shaping a prosperous nation that will be globally competent.

Students are generally fixated with the ordinary objective of academic excellence. As a result, there’s limited to no time in focusing on different avenues to explore, develop and sustain their business ideas. The initiative of bringing relevant stakeholders to potential and existing business entrepreneurs is necessary to the aims and objectives of our company Thulilezwe.

It is with this understanding that our commitment in the success of forthcoming programs shall be a priority. The future of our country is youth, therefore the focus on informal economic development will be the driving force to local economic emancipation, which contributes in building a nation. 

The inception and launch of the IEDF Youth Chamber is aimed at being an answer to the quells of the above challenges. The IEDF, as we have come to know, is the leading catalyst in growing the economy of South Africa, through innovation, collaboration and growth.  

The latter will be focused squarely on Youth development programs, establishing Youth businesses and allowing the Youth to express their God-given talents in spaces and environments that augur well for their future growth. 

This is an amazing investment into this chamber as the IEDF is actively removing any barriers for Youth Development. What this means for new members into this Chamber is; they will have access to training and development and establishment of their businesses.

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