Western Cape Ambassador, Abraham Maxwell Davids

Informal Economy Development Forum West Coast District Ambassador: Abraham Maxwell Davids, MBA 

He is a MBA Graduate, Affiliate Member of the International, Association of Professional Life Coaches, Member of the International Association of Professional Organizations, Certified Master Trainer Life Coach, International Motivational Speaker & Mentor and Developer of Entrepreneurial Programs. he started his Company, AM Group of companies in 1995, and has been assisting SME’s in developing their businesses and skills. 

The AM Group of companies run by Abraham David’s offers various Training and Development programs, Mentoring Programs, Life Skills Programs and more. Abraham’s passions are to assist, grow and development individuals as well as businesses. He has joined the IEDF and believes in working together to achieve a sustainable future for all. Abraham will be leading the Team of Ambassadors in the West Coast district to ensure that the voiceless is being heard and that we start seeing the developmental changes in this district. 

“People often ignore the power of communities, until they join one”.


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