IEDF Ambassador Gauteng and Director Kitso-botlhale Development Services cc, Kefilwe Ndaba

Women & Youth Business Seminar

Meadowlands Multipurpose Hall

8 March 2023

Addressing the lack of operational and administrative skills by many entrepreneurs and small businesses, these challenges go along with limited client works and lack of information regarding opportunities and support institutions.

The IEDF places high focus on the development of Women and Youth in Business due to the high unemployment rate amongst our Youth and in many cases, women are the bread winners in their families. There are many programs which support Youth and Women in Business Empowerment which we would like to bring to the forefront.

Our mission is to empower businesses owned by entrepreneurs who are women, youth and disabled, to promote networking and business among local entrepreneurs, and to encourage wealth circulating within the township economy.

Event objectives

Offer information through linkage with relevant institutions

Provide a platform for marketing and networking

Give encouragement and boost confidence

Program Highlights

A variety of speakers filled the programme with grace and honor, providing audience with sound discussions, sharing information and knowledge which is valuable and potentially life changing

Among other speakers there was a female owned business that designs shoes, bags and other crafts, another making limited edition clothes for plus sized women, and many more thriving businesses born from original ideas.

We had the road traffic infringement agency (RTIA) giving advice on issues of licensing and providing support services on their mobile terminal. Department of Labour provided information and assistance in placing unemployed people on their database, department of economic development liquor licensing division provide insight on policy regarding unlicensed selling of alcohol, gave information on licensing and encouraged traders in this space to apply for licensing.

SANCA Soweto caused a little stir in eluding that one pull on a hookah pipe is equivalent to 4 full cigarettes, when they started the dangers of drugs and related substances and presented information about their organizations and how they assist with rehabilitation.

A range of other businesses and organizations came forward to share their products and services with the audience, a notable highlight is a lady who started  a day care which she currently runs in her community. In her speech she related her inspiring story of humble beginnings and challenged each audience member to follow their intuition and start where they are with what they have.

Another banger presentation among others was a female entrepreneur who established a business that sells spices, she entered the stage on a high note, exerting the level of energy with she believes is part of the reason she is thriving

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