From the desk of Rosheda Müller,

President, IEDF.

30 March 2023.

Warmest greetings all.

As we enter the second quarter of 2023, I reflect upon the programs we have initiated and actioned, and I am heartened by the progress we have made in the space of such a short period of time. Indeed, were it not for the dedication and whole-hearted commitment shown by our administrative staff and directors within the IEDF, I shudder to think of the scenario it might otherwise have been. That said, I humbly offer them my appreciation and admiration for work well done!

The ambassadorial positions have proven to be a huge success in terms of consolidation, and judging by their reports, I believe this strategy to be a master stroke. I encourage all our ambassadors to remain dedicated, and to remind them that the informal economy owes them a huge debt of thanks wherever they operate across our country, for they are champions one and all.

The IEDF, whilst yet a relatively young organization, has certainly earned its stripes and shown caste-iron resolve as it continues fearlessly on a journey to emancipate the informal economy.

Nobody said our task would be easy, but we are driven by pure passion and a burning desire to cure our country from decades of improper and unfulfilled representation of this vibrant sector.

But we are aware that it is not a quick fix, that much work has yet to be done. As the recognized conduit between the informal economy, corporates, and government, our job is to assist in creating those favourable conditions which would ensure much needed growth and development.

Whilst the unemployment rate shows little hope for recovery, the IEDF appeals to government and corporate South Africa to accelerate their engagement with it. We believe a united approach by all sectors of business and society working together with us is the only viable solution to creating job opportunities.

Thank you.