From the left: Matome Chiloane and Boitumelo Monoketsi (President of IEDF ECD Chamber)

Media Release

Date: 21st February 2023

Meeting Held with the MEC (Members of the Executive Council) and the ECDC (Early Childhood Development Corporation) pertaining to clarity and solutions around the current issues within the ECD Sector of South Africa

As it stands the current issues within the ECD sector has brought major concerns within the township, hostel dwellings and informal settlements after the move from the Department of Social Development (DSD) to the Department of Basic Education (DBE). The Department of Health had also played a major part in this change, as the owners of these local ECD’s were issued a demand, pertaining to a zoning certificate. Due to the renewal of Health permits, they needed to produce this document however this came as a surprise to the owners of the ECD’s in these areas, based on the costings and their policies.

The DBE responded to say, that the move from DSD to DBE, has not and was not their intention to cause any changes with ECDs, and they were not informed of the current issues that the Early childhood development centres are experiencing. In accordance, a written confirmation was advised to be produced to allow the Department of Health to release community sites health permits for submission of the nutrition funding offered.

Over the years, the DBE has trained and equipped these practitioners and their institutions with all the necessary material and information needed to fully comply, however the DBE now has excluded them with the new rules and regulations that is currently undergoing for ECD’s to be compliant.

ECDC has reiterated, the need of assisting primary schools with the intake of students up until Grade R, as it has been recorded with the Gauteng Department of Education, schools are currently overpopulated and have little to no space for these children.

ECDC has also made mention of their support towards parents in the communities that are trying to make a living, however still needs the support and care from someone they can trust to take care and nurture their children at such a young age.

The ECDC is currently visiting various government departments, in a bid to encourage all concerned departments and amend an/or review policy to accommodate the needs of ECDs, and its owners and to alleviate poverty that the very same government is propagating against.

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Keziah Zachariah

Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the IEDF