Date: 4th March 2023

Nobody’s Children are everyone’s children.

Within our communities for many years not just within South Africa however world wide we have the issues arising of our children being on the street with no source of becoming a success with the environment they are exposed to. It is extremely critical that they are rescued from such vulnerable circumstances, and adequate measures undertaken to ensure their well-being. Not only are these children separated from their homes and out of school, but they are also exposed to potentially threatening situations, including physical violence, sexual exploitation, and emotional abuse.

One of the Informal Economy Development Forum ambassadors, High Hopes is an organisation who strives to assist these children within these communities with the vision of having a global impact.

Success Story:

A household consisting of 4 children aged 4, 6, 8 and 10, were supported by this organisation – High Hopes, providing them with daily meals sustaining their well-being, in defiance of their current situation within their household (No water, food or electricity), these children were given an opportunity to make a change irrespective of their living conditions. Each of these little angels were unable to read and write however with the support of Georgina Julius the principal of “Gina’s world of love day and aftercare” which is a local ECD in Eersteriver, all the children were taken in for the guidance and support to start their schooling career.

Two of whom remain in the creche for further learning and development, and the other two which has successfully graduated with the Grade Rs of Gina’s world of love day and aftercare.

With the assistance of the organisation High Hopes and “Gina’s world of love day and aftercare” the grade R graduates (ages 8 and 10) have been given the opportunity to further their education, with the help of the Department of Basic Education, they were all placed in a government school nearby to make that journey a success.

The IEDF would like to celebrate the achievement of our Ambassador, High Hopes NPO, and encouraging our members to follow suit.

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Keziah Zachariah


Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the IEDF