Thursday 16 February 2023 marked a memorable day in the life of a truly remarkable and extraordinary woman. For on that day, our president, and “mother of the informal sector” Rosheda Müller celebrated her 70th birthday.

In the company of close family, friends, and colleagues, a celebratory dinner was held at “The Venue” in Ottery. Guests were treated to an evening of great company and fine cuisine, and it was abundantly clear that Rosheda was overwhelmed by the many gestures and tributes paid to her. Looking absolutely splendid in a turquoise sequined dress and matching headset, President Rosheda exuded a youthful radiance and indeed did not appear to be older than fifty. 

IEDF chairman David Venter, in his speech paid tribute to her and reminded guests of the depth and scope of her influence, not only within informal business, but indeed within all tiers of government and formal business. Her daughter Shamemah, and a granddaughter in their speeches spoke highly of her role as mother and grandmother. Not wanting to give a speech, husband Qiran read a poem he had composed in honour of her.   The poem is titled, My Aqua Rose, and a picture thereof is attached in this article.  It is a must read.

it must be said that all guests were hand-picked by Prez. Rosheda, and if one could be singled out for special mention, then it would be Ms. Tarryn Tomlinson. This remarkable wheelchair bound blogger, author, influencer and brand ambassador is the daughter of one of Qiran’s closest friends, and the one who initially introduced him to Rosheda. Sadly, he passed about 2 years ago. Tarryn though, it must be argued, may yet become an integral part of the IEDF judging by the networking at her table.

 But, as they say, all good things come to an end, and so it was with the festivities concluding at around 22h00. with everyone raving about the great time had by all.