The Informal Economy Development Forum bridges the gap between the Informal and Formal economy with the objective of transforming the Informal Economy into the mainstream economy of South Africa. The Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) has managed to do what might earlier thought to be improbable. They have established an Informal Economy Chamber incorporating experts from the private sector, government and Informal sectors.

The Chamber’s mission it to create business prosperity through their relevant programs, innovative initiatives and effective actions, aimed at economic growth.  It will focus on the 4 Pillars of sustainability, namely, human, social, economic, and environmental.

The roll-out of upliftment programs continues unabatedly, and the successful implementation of the International Labor Organisation’s, Recommendation 204, is its primary aim.  This being one of the revolutionary campaigns designed globally for the benefit of the Informal sector and informal workers alike. 

The President of the Informal Economy Development Chamber, Mrs. Chantal Maxim states: “The IEDC will Champion the Road to Sustainability and prosperity, focusing on improved access to industry relevant education, Workforce readiness, Community Development, Supply chain, Government Affairs and Organizational Affairs.  Sector related sub Chambers will be birthed through the IEDC, such as Personal Care, Early Care Development, General Retail, Youth, Disability, Green Economy, Clothing & Textile, to mention a few.

The reason for Sector Chambers is to assist the growth of businesses by providing industry specific resources and expert assistance.  The Chamber’s aim to increase its members’ business network, Credibility,  Key business resources and support of professional development. 

Being a member of the Informal Economy Development Forum gives you access to the benefits of the Chambers.

Want to know more about the Chamber join as a member of the IEDF?

Visit the IEDF website or get in contact with us on 087 094 3501 or whatsapp 074 552 2891 or email


Chantal Maxim

IEDF Director: Business Development