Informal Economy Development Forum, Director of Business Development, Mrs. Chantal Maxim, Keynote Spear at the International Woman Deliver Conference 2023 (IWDC-23)

A virtual expo with 70+ countries globally with the primary objective of making women’s work visible and considering rural powers & innovations to overcome geographic challenges or access to the supply chain to increase production. The virtual conference is entering its third round with bigger targets of connectivity and networking for women’s economic empowerment, in which we American International Education Federation (AMIEF), Community Development Foundation (CDF), and Global Women Development Network (GWDN) are going to engage 70+ countries, connect with more than 300+ women leaders as countries’ representatives with the significant focus on rural economy #puttingruralsfirst.

IWDC-23 covers the proper scope by exploring rural powers for global development by uniting the world’s greatest women leaders under 10 defined development sectors with more than 80% actual presence of women with a variety of innovations towards modern approaches in COMMUNITY SERVICES, EDUCATION, AGRICULTURE, BUSINESS, LAW, TOURISM, PEACE AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS, HEALTH AND WELL- BEING, SAFETY AND SECURITY AND MOREOVER WOMEN IN INVESTMENTS in these sectors from 04th

March 2023 to 08th March 2023. RURAL practitioners will initiate change in the world of the grassroots with different perspectives by opening +5 kinds of partnerships with LOCAL, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL, GLOBAL AND INVESTMENT BOARDS to ensure women’s needs and requirements to deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes and violence, a life with dignity, peace and equal opportunities.

It offers opportunities to partners through post-IWDC-23 actions for collective progress, a call for change and to celebrate courage and determination acts by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities like (1) Equality for men and women.

(2) Facilitating women’s labour force (3) Growth and sustainability of women-owned businesses (4) Implementation of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP’s) (5) Micro-level, referring to individuals (6) Macro-level, referring to outcomes in the broader.

In the light of the previous year in March, IIWDC -2022, which was a great honour for the host companies which participated and ensured our success opened lots of opportunities for IWDC-23.

DR. Tamara Alqolaghassi

Chairperson IWDC-2021-2030

Mariam Khan

President IWDC-2021-2030