Inception of the IEDF Youth Chamber

Of our 59 million strong population in South Africa[i], some 17,5 million of them are Youth aged 18 – 34[ii]. This is the heartbeat of our future, it is often quirked that our future president, inventors, champions of industry and leading entrepreneurs find themselves in this grouping. “The Youth” is also strung and wrought with challenges. 59% of the above segment of our population are unemployed, a limited number of them have access to sound education and many teenage school-going girls find themselves pregnant, if not abused, barely starting off their lives on a brilliant footing[iii]. The bulk of these sit within the informal sector. It was therefore a no-brainer for the Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) to focus on Youth, within the informal space, as a key tenet and pillar of their Informal Economy Development

The inception and launch of the Youth Chamber is aimed at being an answer to the quells of the above challenges. The IEDF, as we have come to know, is the leading catalyst in growing the economy of South Africa, through innovation, collaboration and growth.  

The latter will be focused squarely on Youth development programs, establishing Youth businesses and allowing the Youth to express their God-given talents in spaces and environments that augur well for their future growth. 

In order to encourage Youth signups, The IEDF has wavered, its R250/annum membership fee. This is an amazing investment into this chamber as the IEDF is actively removing any barriers for Youth Development. What this means for new members into this Chamber is; they will have access to training and development, establishment of their businesses and receiving business coaching, access to funding, and more – all complementary.

The IEDF also recognizes that digital transformation and adaptation is the language of the future; hence the appointment of Zhandre Van Der Ventel as president of the Youth Chamber. Zhandre currently serves as Head of Technology for the IEDF, and her move into this space can only spell well for the digital growth and know-how of our Youth as members of the IEDF and for the communities at large.

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